AboutBrian Boven

I am excited and energetic about life. Outside the joy my family brings me, there is nothing that thrills me more than to reach out and share my excitement for life with others. Being led into Real Estate has really opened up the doors for me to do this. My passion for life, my knowledge and background in construction, and my insight into real estate will bring great value to my clients. With God’s help, I will use my skills to make clients homes more marketable to sell and to ensure clients purchase a home that is solid through and through.

Construction and home improvement have been my focus over the last 14 years. I have helped build homes and have done full renovations. I also have experience with concrete flat-work, irrigation, and property management.

I have a deep passion for helping others. In Matthew 25 we are told about the separation of the sheep and goats. Jesus tells us in verse 40, “If you do this for the least of these, you do this for me.” Six years ago, a new path was opened up for me to be able to mentor an individual at the Kent County Jail. I am currently still involved with him, and even more opportunities to serve have been open to me as the journey goes on.

Recently I have founded a ministry by the name of Homes Giving Hope (HGH). HGH is a non-profit organization focused on coming alongside those who are in need. Our mission is to provide housing in a Christ centered atmosphere by offering a supportive and accountable environment for residents to reintegrate into community, family, work, and life in general. A high percentage of our men are suffering from an addiction. In the summer of 2012, I experienced a difficult loss of a 46 year old man whom I had grown close to. By himself, he was not able to overcome his addiction. His death does not go in vain. Through it all, I have learned the power of addiction and that without God we cannot overcome. My daily prayer is that this ministry is blessed and used in many lives.